Welcome to my new website, it is all about learning and teaching computer science and the impact of the related technology to our world. I share with you opinions, materials and reviews that are useful on your very personal journey to discover the beauty and relevance of computer science. While getting directly involved in it was out of reach for many of us a few years back, all of us can get hands-on nowadays.

There are a lot of new materials available for all age groups and irrespective of prior knowledge. This blog aims to show you some materials with concrete examples you can follow. Create your very own CODE2RUN, follow “Projects and Content” to find this content.

The site also serves to support my students at after school activities. The section “Courses and news” is actually dedicated to them and guides them through the activities.

Going on this discovery of computer science is most enjoyable if you do it together with someone else. Either you can join one of the many online courses or you do it face to face, maybe with your child? Computer Science is now being taught for young children as early as 5 years, so there is no age restriction and it is a lot of fun!

This website will provide you with material to try out, with news from the world of computer science and technology, as well as with reviews about some of the tools that can facilitate your journey.

I hope that CODE2RUN is informative for you. Please feel free to leave your comments and share your opinion as well as suggest new topics to investigate and talk about if you like.

Enjoy browsing, reading and making!
Michael Braehler

P.S. There is an old website of mine with similar content. You can have a look at kidscoderepo. You may also look at this new site, it contains course materials for the computer classes I am running and is just being set up.

P.P.S. Here is a short presentation about what is important for me when teaching computing. Have a look!