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Alice 3: Make a biped walk

There is a nice video on how to create procedures that allow you to make bipeds (i.e. characters with two feet) walk. It is here The movement has been separated into two procedures, the first halfstep called...

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Alice 3: Making a biped talk or sing

This video revises again the concept of objects and shows you how to create talking person, with sound and movement of the mouth. Here is a code snippet for this, and a short description on how to create it: Add it as a...

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Alice 3: Audio Files in Alice

When importing audio files into Alice, they should be as small as possible, not exceeding 3.6MB, this value may vary. There are audio files with music and sounds provided as part of Alice, you can access them by clicking in the...

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Alice 3: Jumping Jack with Variables

A variable is a sort of container that holds a value, a string (characters or text), a number or other object references. You can create a value by clicking and dragging on the variable tab at the bottom of the code panel. Then...

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