Here you find a brief introduction on what to pay attention to when blogging in the Internet.

Basic Law

  • Stay safe and do not hurt anybody else.
  • Do not share and post last names, addresses, telephone numbers or other personal information. This applies for yourself and other students.
  • Tags and Categories belong to every post, it helps to find content.
  • Respond polite to others just as you were face to face with them.
  • No texting abbreviations and please proofread your writing. Spelling and grammar matter, build good habits now!
  • You are supposed to showcase your own work, whenever you are using other people’s thoughts or work use citations. Copying and pasting is not appropriate!
  • You may reuse other people’s images and graphics, if the author of the material agrees you to do so. Please check. Prefer Creative Commons Licensed material. See below how to find out if you can use images.
  • Show and share your work with your parents/guardians.
  • Structure your posts nicely, use images and sketches to bring across your point. A photo or a screen shot is easy to make.
  • Enjoy the experience of sharing your knowledge and the way leading to become a coder and maker.
Google Chrome allows you to check whether it is ok to reuse an image.

Learn more about Edublogs

I encourage all students to work through the Blogging Bootcamp. It covers the technical side from setting up the blog, creating pages and posts to adding extensions called widgets. While you will hear about essential parts of this material in the course, we cannot cover everything. You can get to know more with the help of the tutorial.

Enjoy this blog, blogging is a wonderful way to learn and share your knowledge.

Always be thoughtful and respectful!