Dear Students,

Welcome to this class blog, I am happy that you have joined my after school activities on Creative Computing!

This blog will help you with the activities. Here I will post background information about what we do as well as the assignments. On this blog you can find materials and links that help you to work independently and enjoy making things and coding projects.

Normally there are two groups, one learning about robotics, primarily with VEX IQ and VEX V5. The tasks involve planning, building and controlling a robot, the later with a remote control and/or coding in a block-based language or C++. With the VEX IQ we will work on an annual challenge many teams around the world are on, it is going to be exiting! For that, we will also join scrimmages with other schools.

The other group creates generic art, animations, games and websites using P5JS, Alice 3 and web tools. For this group, working with websites and WordPress in particular will be one major subject.

But all students are invited to create and “feed” a student’s blog here. It will only be accessible to you, your peers, your parents and the after school curriculum coordinator. Blogging is a very useful skill, here you have a unique opportunity to try it out in this safe environment.

For all the things we are doing throughout this year and many more you can also check on code2run, This is another website I am running discussing projects and ideas about computing as well as learning in general. Have a look!

I wish all of you a lot of fun here while “Creating with Computing!” 😎

Michael Braehler