Welcome to the Creative Computing Activity!

This post gives the reader some more details about the Creative Computing activity in 2022/23 and what to expect from the first lesson in the following week. If you are not a parent or a student, this post may still be interesting as there will be plenty of supportive material on this blog and in addition a MOODLE site also available to guests.

Creative Coding on Tuesdays

As I am still setting up the MOODLE learning environment, have a look at this site, it contains primarily materials that I have used in past activities. You may also have a look here https://mibrs.github.io, this site is set up as a student’s blog and shows some of the things that we have done or that were intended to be done (we lost many weeks of activities due to Covid closures) last year. I will encourage the students to set up a blog in a similar structure so that they can share their work.

For the first lesson, the students will be able to try out several activities.

  1. Working with micro:bit and NeoPixels using either a block-based language or Python
  2. Creating a first animation with Alice 3
  3. Making sounds and music with MAX 8, see last year
  4. Creating a simple game with Greenfoot using the JAVA programming language.
  5. NEW: Getting to know the BADGER2040, see another article here on this site.

Then during the year, we will spend similar time on each of the three core topics MAX 8, Animation with Alice 3, and Coding using Greenfoot in JAVA.

Creative Robotics on Thursdays

Here will will design, build and program robots, using the three kits VEX IQ, Lego Mindstorms EV3 and Fischertechnik TXT. Most of the course we will spend with the VEX IQ Robotics material and build robots to join this year’s game. But the students will also have a chance to work with the other systems so that they can compare and use each for its individual strengths.

For the first lesson there will be kits and models available for all three systems and another bigger robot so that the students can already get an idea on what they can do during the year.

In case you have any questions, please get in touch with the AES/ECA Coordinator or send me a message with CONTACT ME here on this site.

Thank you!

Michael Braehler