The Google Chrome Development tools are very useful if you want to understand and learn about web programming.

The tools are integrated in the Chrome web browser and you can find them easily selecting the View Menu, then Developer and Developer Tools.

By default at the right side of the browser a panel will appear . For trying out some Javascript code, click on the Console tab and then clear the console.

How to use the Chrome Developer Tool console to try out Javascript code snippets.

The console allows you to enter small Javascript code snippets, just one line or a small block. When you have finished entering your command(s) behind the “>” prompt, press return on your keyboard to execute your code. If your code produces any output, it will be shown on the following line.

console.log(....) will print anything you ask it to print in between the parentheses. But methods and functions also have return values (like an output). If the function has nothing to return, it will often write “undefined“, no worries if you read this message.